clients (50+)


Coop is Scandinavia’s largest supermarket chain with more than 1000 shops. We have developed a mobile payment solution and at this moment we have a dedicated team of 85 people working for this client.

Rockwool is the world’s leading producer of insulation products. We have developed different webapplications to calculate the amount of isolation needed.

Emply is an HR system that we have been developing from the very beginning. A team of 20 people works continuously for this client. Recently, Emply was acquired by Paychex, which is the world's largest payment system provider.

We have developed a flexible system for managing a large number of wind turbines by different brands. SCADA has a dedicated team of 25 people at InterLogic.

We have developed a big datawarehouse for healthdata and a statistical tool to compare these datasets. Besides this we have developed various applications for both web and mobile.

YouSee is Denmark’s biggest TV and phone company. We had a dedicated team of 4 people for 5 years developing software for streaming TV.

Lessor is the marketleader of payroll systems in the Nordic countries. We have a dedicated team of 3 people working for this client. The developers are mainly working with integrations.

We developed a campaign website with a complex functionality. Applicants for sponsorships were able to record a video on this website and then a program would edit these videoes and make them more fun to watch.

Lego had 30 websites that we implemented in Sitecore. For 1 year we had a small dedicated team of 2 developers who implemented all these sites in Sitecore.

MSD is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We are maintaining and developing new features on the Nordic websites. MSD has a dedicated team of 2 people at InterLogic.

We have developed a simple CRM system with integrated business growth and customer management solutions. WebCRM has a dedicated team of 15 people at InterLogic.